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So, what is this game About?

Imagine the following situation: you open a door in a videogame. One could argue that it is not really you who opened the door, but rather the player-character. Another objection to the idea that doors can be opened in gameworlds is that one does not actually pursue the action of opening doors, but rather that of inputting certain commands in a controlling device. We could even go as far as saying that no door is involved in that interaction to begin with: one simply clicks on a bunch of pixels that are meant to evoke a door in their imagination.


Within game studies and in the philosophy of fiction, the representation of game objects has been subject of much debate, as they can be said to have properties of both

Doors is our newest attempt at playable philosophy. It is designed to invite players to interactively examine existing theories about how objects are represented within games and virtual worlds more in general. Each door in the game raises a different question regarding their representation.


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